Gaufrettes Amusantes

Humorous messages on classic Picard wafers


Gaufrettes Amusantes are traditional waffle wafers with a humorous twist. Written in either standard French or in our preferred Northern France’s Picard dialect—also called Ch’ti by locals—the funny phrases stamped on each cookie reflect the witty, working class community. Idiomatic messages like “Allo Cherie” (hello darling) and “Cha n’vaut pas un pet d’lapin” (it’s not worth a rabbit fart) add a touch of charm to morning tea or dessert.


Comptoir des Flandres uses a recipe dating back to 1894 to make the tasty wafers in vanilla, chocolate, chicory, hazelnut and raspberry varieties. The cookies sell individually (€3) or in boxed assortments (€10) at Comptoir des Flandres, and are available at many French grocery stores. Also available in the U.S. by the case at The Frenchy Bee for $49.