Moët & Chandon’s Dazzling MCIII Release

A new prestige champagne offering the unexpected

Sponsored by Moet & Chandon

Acclaimed champagne houses do not release a new product lightly—let alone a heritage brand with over 270 years of winemaking savoir-faire and global brand awareness like Moët & Chandon. And yet, they’ve just added something to their roster that reflects more than their past, but also an eye toward the future and innovation in a truly effervescent industry. Dubbed MCIII (which literally represents Moët & Chandon and the number three), multiple wine universes factor into this cuvée. It’s a unique take on multi-vintage blending that’s full-bodied but bright, with fruit notes fading into minerality. The Moët & Chandon DNA is here, but it’s wearing something distinct. Perhaps the best way to understand what MCIII means, aside from taking a sip, is to look into the groundbreaking process behind it and the partnerships helping to launch it.

There’s an aim present in MCIII to shape nature, in a way only Moët & Chandon can. The brand sought harmony, and they landed it in one way: masterfully aging several vintage wines in three different environments – metal, wood and glass. The first element happens to be base wines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (from the harvest in 2003) that has been aged and fermented in stainless steel vats. This first piece of the trinity, metal, lends fruitiness and intensity to the global assemblage. The second element has been drawn from wood: Grand Vintage base wines from 1998, 2000 and 2002 that spent resting time in oak barrels. Citing the taste of transformation, these components add a light sophisticated patina and notes of pastry and pecan. Finally, the third element rounds out with Grand Vintage cuvées from 1993, 1998 and 1999—all of which were glass-bottle aged. It’s here that the champagne takes on its depth. Altogether, these multi vintages call upon three materials to partner with their attributes over time. With this roster of fine wines, the pioneering spirit to blend them and the knowledge to make it a success, Moët & Chandon binds the beauty of glass, metal and wood for MCIII.

While refined, MCIII isn’t out of reach. To make this clear, Moët has partnered with three acclaimed digital influencers across three famous cities; including NYC’s Adam Gallagher. Over the next week, Gallagher will be sharing imagery that demonstrates the depth and dimensions of MCIII—as well as its stunning bottle design. Moreover, Gallagher and the other influencers will bring visual light to the three essential aging elements: wood, metal and glass. It’s easy to dream of champagne or think of occasions deemed appropriate for sipping it, but Gallagher and the other individuals will be sharing moments on their personal platforms (as well as Moët & Chandon‘s) that will inspire and enlighten viewers—all the while maintaining the champagne’s luxuriousness and pioneering spirit. It’s a digital edge accompanying the release of a champagne that’s at the front of wine development.

What’s most fascinating about MCIII lies in the synthesis of tradition and modernity. There are centuries of knowledge at play, and yet the sensations are current and ultimately imparted by state-of-the-art processes. Overall of course, taste matters most and with MCIII you can expect something mature, effervescent and, ultimately, exactly what one seeks in a champagne.

Images courtesy of Moet & Chandon