Ninety Plus Custom Slayer Espresso Machine

A rare collaboration creates a professional shot-puller clad in black cherry wood and oxblood leather


Unknown to those outside the niche community of coffee purists, Denver’s Sensory Room is a rare enclave that hosts the highest caliber coffee tastings around. Run by Ninety Plus (a green coffee purveyor, grower and all around authority on the subject), the space is used as a proving ground for all coffee touched by the company. To make the establishment even more special, legendary espresso machine-maker Slayer recently collaborated with Ninety Plus on a custom three-group machine to eventually be housed in the space. As coffee enthusiasts ourselves, we found the unique machine—which was just unveiled at a Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) event in Seattle—to be too attractive to let pass by unannounced.


The pristine machine found aesthetic inspiration in the Sensory Room’s already existing custom tasting tables designed by Denver-based furniture designer Luke Goodhue. Just as the folding tables feature a white Corian top, black cherry frame and oxblood leather straps, the Slayer machine is powder-coated almost entirely white (Slayer’s most extensive powder job yet) with black cherry actuators and handles, and custom oxblood leather side panels—a material first used on a recent dream build for Brooklyn’s Blue Bottle cafe and roastery.


Like all Slayer machines, it offers unlimited steam capacity, unrivaled temperature stability and precision control of the extraction process. Plus the custom machine features a backlit Ninety Plus back panel cut-out for a bit of flair. For more on Slayer and Ninety Plus, visit their respective sites.

Images courtesy of Slayer