Poilane Biscuits

Cherry spoons and bone-shaped treats—pas pour les chiens!


On a recent visit to beloved Parisian boulangerie and patisserie Poilane , we scooped up the two newest flavors in their line of savory and sweet biscuits—cherry cookies in the shape of spoons (nicely complimenting their curry forks and shortbread spoons) and dog bones aptly called Pas Pour Les Chiens (not for dogs).


The bone-shaped cookies by celebrity cartoon dogs Caperino and Peperone (little caper and big pepperoni, guess why”), most famous for their work with Paris boutique Colette, certainly look like something made for K9s, but non. According to a charming comic strip enclosed in each box of eight, the cookies simply got their shape during the dogs’ hijinks with their hats in the Poilane kitchen.

Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas, the artists behind Caperino and Peperone, also helped to design the packaging on the Pas Pour Les Chiens biscuits—just the latest extension of their cartoon characters, whose repertoire of collaborations includes Swarovski, Nike, Fendi, Kidrobot and several others.


As for their flavor, Chef Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boite created a spicy blend of nutmeg and ground peppercorns called “Fourmis Rouge” (Red Ant), bridging savory and sweet tastes. The cherry spoons are all sweet, with just a hint of the fruit, for a snack at any time throughout the day.


The biscuits are baked in Paris and shipped to NYC, selling for $15 for a box of eight at La Boite. Or, pick them up from the Poilane online shop or their stores in Paris and London.