Poilâne Forks and Spoons

Sweet and savory edible utensils by a favorite French bakery


Using what they call a “retro-innovation” approach to baking, French boulangerie and patisserie Poilâne combines old-world techniques with today’s thinking to make delicious bread and tarts.


On a recent trip to Paris I was happy to discover their latest clever concept, a set of utensil-shaped crackers and cookies—perfect for hors d’œvres and desserts.

The curry-flavored forks are made from rye flour and parmesan and pair well with hummus or Indian appetizers like mint yogurt or mango chutney. For a charming way to stir espresso, as a garnish for vanilla ice cream or for any number of other creative uses, try the shortbread cookie spoons.

The edible tools come packed in charmingly simple cardboard boxes (note the ingenious use of a rubber stamp), and sell from Poilâne locations, a box of 18 for €6.30 each.