Poilâne’s La Barre de Granola

A new sweet, healthy treat from one of Paris' best boulangeries


On our most recent trip to Paris, we were pleased to find a new offering at one of our favorite French bakeries, Poilâne. Since their debut in 1932, the shop’s been making some of the best bread the city has seen—no small feat in France. They stirred up additional acclaim with the launch of Punitions, the now-classic butter cookies perfectly paired with coffee and tea. In addition, they’ve developed a wide selection of magical pastries over the years, but with their La Barre de Granola, they’ve crafted something just as delectable—only healthier. It’s delightful, with sticky notes of caramelized honey and traditional nuttiness. It’s a gentle consistency; a little chewy and crunchy but altogether soft and dense. It melts away nicely leaving nothing but sweetness and, when walking the streets of Paris, it makes for the perfect snack.

Poilâne is still family-owned but has expanded both its locations and creativity. While the patisserie does have an online shop that delivers globally and features many wonderful breads and sweet treats, right now the La Barre de Granola is only available at one of their storefronts, for €2 each.

Images courtesy of Poilâne