Hand-pull a great shot with the elegant design of this eco-friendly espresso maker

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With arachnid looks and elegant design, the Presso makes a morning espresso in less time that it takes most electric machines to warm up. Reflecting a growing demand, Presso joins the crop of machine-free methods of coffee brewing that—like other popular coffee tools Chemex and AeroPress—is smaller, easier to clean, gentler on the environment and generally less fussy then automated coffeemakers.

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The device requires just two steps to pull a great shot of espresso with the requisite crema. Tighten the chrome filter containing grinds into the bottom of the Presso, add boiling water and press down on the levers for a single or double. Strength varies according to how firmly you apply pressure to the levers—a more forceful push yields a stronger cup. Artfully-crafted from polished recyclable aluminum, the energy-saving Presso will please coffee purists as much for its spare and stylish design as it will for its no-frills mechanics.


Each Presso comes with a milk frother and a two-cup adapter, and sells online from Holstee or Presso for $150.