The World’s Most Remote Michelin-Starred Restaurant Will Soon Be Even More Remote

The restaurant KOKS has brought culinary-curious tourists to the Faroe Islands, a remote and otherworldly North Atlantic archipelago, since it won its first Michelin star in 2017. Now, head chef Poul Andrias Ziska will transport the acclaimed establishment to Greenland’s Ilimanaq Lodge, some 200 miles above the Arctic Circle, for the next two summers (as they seek to find their next permanent location in the Faroes). This will be the first time a Michelin-anointed chef will set up shop in Greenland (which, like the Faroe Islands, is a semi-autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark). “As a Faroese person, I’ve always felt like there’s a connection there,” the chef explains to Bloomberg about the shift to Greenland. “It’s a place we identify ourselves with, at least when it comes to the raw materials.” Read more about the inspired transition at Bloomberg.

Image courtesy of Beinta á Torkilsheyggi