Treehouse Chocolate’s Four Drinking Chocolates

Organic, fair-trade cacao turned into rich flavors for sipping on

Winter may be officially over in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean hot chocolate has to disappear from people’s radar until temperatures cool again. For some of us, it makes for a viable alternative to coffee in the morning—with some serious sugar and cocoa kick. Treehouse Chocolate Drinking Chocolate reflects a lot of things we love about the changing cacao bean industry: it’s made from organic, fair-trade and sustainably sourced beans from Peru; and you can also count the full ingredient list on your fingers. Having grown up in Singapore, Treehouse Chocolate’s founder Aaron Koch worked on a cacao bean farm in Hawaii (while living in a treehouse) and now resides in Portland, Oregon, producing his drinking chocolates in a shipping container-turned-kitchen.

The drinking chocolate comes in four different varieties: original, cherrywood (with sea salt), camp (with coffee) and coconut. The powder itself balances a heavier density with a bit of fluffiness—unlike several dust-like iterations available. One can add either steaming water, hot milk, or both to create the drink. We used water and found that—even without milk—it made for an ideal cup of drinking chocolate. The consistency is thick and the flavor profile is rich and not overly sweet. This is no thin, instant hot chocolate. Rather, it’s a premium drinking chocolate that’s aromatic upfront and lingers through a sweet, long finish.

Five-packs of Treehouse Chocolate Drinking Chocolate are available online for $15, or at select retailers in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

Images by Cool Hunting