Quirky Wine Accessories

Two new gadgets that make drinking a glass of wine even more enjoyable


The ubiquitous wine opener has seen countless redesigns over the years, each iteration attempting to streamline the cork removal process or make the corkscrew stronger. Whether you’re a fan of the hefty Rabbit opener or prefer the simplicity of a classic wine key, Angelo Cacchione‘s new ultra-functional Verseur multi-tool designed for Quirky is sure to up your bottle-popping game.


Verseur combines four crucial components into an all-in-one tool. Use the hidden foil cutter at the base of it to remove the capsule for a clean cut bottle neck, then simply attach the corkscrew and twist in one single motion to remove the cork, which is just as easy to remove from the screw once it’s out. The top of the Verseur houses two useful rubber plugs—a spout for the perfect pour and a stopper to keep it fresher longer.


While most sommeliers would suggest simply hand-rinsing a wine glass with nothing more than water to avoid any soapy residue affecting your next drink, the convenience of a having a dishwasher after a dinner party can’t be beat. To keep the glasses from shuffling around in the wash (and breaking), Quirky offers Tether, a flexible plastic rod designed by Gary Rose that clips to the stem of the glass on one end and attaches to the dishwasher basket on the other.

An online shop that democratically creates products based on the number of votes a submitted design receives receives, Quirky peddles the Verseur ($25) and Tether ($15 for a 4-pack) from its virtual shop, where you can cast a ballot for other concepts in the making or pick up some other winners.