A Breathtaking Burning Man Time-Lapse

A kickball ice cream maker, drug-detecting nail polish, Miranda July's "Somebody" app and more in our look at the web this week

This year’s Burning Man festival comes to a close today, celebrating its 28th year. From its humble beginnings on a beach outside San Francisco to today’s massive week-long gathering in the Nevada desert, the festivities feature elaborate sculptures, handmade costumes and expansive art pieces that are nothing short of epic—as we saw first-hand last year. With so much going on, capturing the festival’s grand beauty from daybreak to twilight is difficult, but Roy Two Thousand’s 2013 time-lapse video succeeds in this. A must-watch for fans of the festival, the seven-minute overview provides an unshakeable portrayal of the gathering and all the magic that has made it a global phenomenon.