United States of #Turnt

Elon Musk's new Tesla, the Nobel Prize-winning blue diode, skateboarding sculptor Stefan Janoski and more in our weekly look at the web

The popularity of slang words changes with a unique irregularity and spontaneity that is not only unpredictable, it’s tough for even the most culturally in-tune to keep up. Data-loving Urban Dictionary-readers at Mic combed through the Google Trend numbers to offer their own slanged-out State of the Union. According the to report, “swag” and “ratchet” are on their way out, while we’re at peak “Bye Felicia” use, and the somewhat old “cray cray” remains in fairly stable use. While seemingly irreverent, the report sheds light on the ever-changing vocabulary in American culture and the staying power of certain phrases while some remain a flash in the pan. In other words, get turnt with this report or the next time TBT rolls around you’ll feel cray cray.