Glassmaps: You Never Called Me

Top picks for 2013, Benji B's PrivateJam, St. Vincent and more in our weekly look at music

At the recent launch of RBMA’s new book “For the Record,” we caught up BBC Radio 1’s highly respected DJ and presenter Benji B. While Benji believes that if you like something, there should be no shame is people knowing it, he did let us in on his favorite #PrivateJam, an album which people might not expect him to enjoy so much. “The Hejira album is when she [Mitchell] hooks up with Jaco Pastorius and Wayne Shorter. Joni Mitchell is one of the greatest artists of the last 50 years—no one’s going to argue with that. For me, Joni is Prince-level. If you listen to an album like Blue, which is amazing folk songwriting, then add in the influence from people like Pastorius and Shorter and you get Hejira: For me and my kind of music taste, that’s the perfect marriage. It’s like soul music to me.”