Grateful Dead: Family Dog at the Great Highway

Our look at the special releases and limited editions stemming from the vinyl-focused biannual holiday

On April 18, 1970, the Grateful Dead took a break from incessant touring and returned to their stomping ground of San Francisco to play an all-acoustic show at local promoter Chet Williams’ small venue, known as Family Dog at the Great Highway (FDGH). The show was thought to go unrecorded, until this May, when Carolyn Garcia—a Merry Prankster better known as Mountain Girl—discovered she had the reels. Billing themselves as Mickey Hart and His Heartbeats and Bobby Ace and His Cards From the Bottom Of The Deck, the Dead performed an 80-minute, 17-song set called Family Dog at the Great Highway which will now be released by Rhino in a limited pressing of 7,500 vinyl copies.