Jon Rust b2b Jamie xx on No Boring Intros

The historic Nelson Mandela anthem, Kirsten Dunst in anime costume, a lot of NTS radio and more in our look at music this week

Jamie xx proved his true crate-digger style this week on the anything-goes show No Boring Intros hosted by fellow Londoner and DJ Jon Rust. Their back-to-back sessions on NTS Radio start smooth and funky—think Ollie Nightingale and Fred Wesley and the JBs—and finish with a fair share of edgier, club-worthy beats, with some Paul McCartney thrown in. These two hours of spontaneous awesomeness will revitalize a slow day in the office, and are equally ready to entertain the house party to follow. Check out our recent interview with Jon Rust if you’re itching to learn more about his style.