Samatha Urbani, Nine Inch Nails, and more in this week's music

Samantha Urbani: Hints And Implications

From her highly anticipated debut solo EP Policies Of Power, Samantha Urbani’s ’80s-inspired jam “Hints And Implications” is utterly addictive. With plenty of retro touches (including power riffs and that drum machine), it’s a punchy track that manages to steer clear of sounding like a throwback. Along with her breathy vocals, Urbani has crafted a piece of power-pop that is wildly catchy—and includes one glorious key change.

Nine Inch Nails: This Isn’t The Place

Hot off a riveting “Twin Peaks” cameo performance, Nine Inch Nails released a second track, “This Isn’t The Place,” from new EP Add Violence. As the song’s atmosphere thickens on piano progressions, an emotional climax (one of many) arises almost mid-track, with the introduction of lead singer Trent Reznor’s vocals. As dark and challenging as it can be at times, the song leaves no one behind—rather, inviting the listener on a depressive but beautiful journey.

Melina Mae: Time Off Work

Before heading out on her tour, Jay Som (aka Melina Duterte) released a bunch of “impulsive songs” under the moniker Melina Mae, one being “Time Off Work.” The hazy, psychedelic tune is perfectly frowzy—aptly matching the song’s title. The lyrics are kept to a minimum, but illustrate a mood wholly; “Baby’s got a job / She don’t want it anymore.”

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