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Advisory Board Crystals and Vans Present: Miracle Conditions

A collaboration—years in the making—draws inspiration from Fire Opals to create a deeply unique limited edition EVDNT shoe and accompanying apparel collection

Courtesy of Abc

For over 50 years Vans has made products that inarguably symbolize a Californian vibe of style-forward sportswear. More recently Advisory Board Crystals (Abc) has upped the ante by leaning into a playfully ethereal aesthetic. The two Cali-based brands have now come together to design a collection inspired by counterculture and the mysticism of crystals and symbolized by the fire opal. Fire opals, among those who feel stones’ energies, are known to activate the crown chakra and assist in bringing clarity and inspiring wonder. The collaboration collection is called Miracle Conditions.

Courtesy of Abc

At the core of this collaboration is the EVDNT, a newer shoe model from Vans, which has undergone a dramatic transformation under the artistic influence of Abc. Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscopic effect of fire opals, the shoe mirrors its multi-hued shimmer and depth. The technical construction of the EVDNT was ideal for this re-imagination, allowing for intricate layering, innovative transparency, and the blending of a medley of materials to capture the abstract essence of the stone. Cobranded easter eggs hit on the shoe and packaging at an unprecedented level of collaboration for either brand.

Courtesy of Abc

Attention to design detail is palpable throughout the shoe. Custom Swarovski eyelets provide a hint of elegance, while varying suede colors, mesh tones, transparent holographics and opal patterns come together to evoke the shoe’s sculptural, gem-like feeling. The matte silver components complement the riot of colors, while the vegan leather lining ensures wearability isn’t sacrificed for style. An Abc lace lock cleverly transforms the EVDNT into a slip-on, ensuring it’s not just an art piece but a practical wardrobe addition. And with transparent holographic covers on the foot bed insoles the idea of a direct connection to the stone is suggested.

Courtesy of Abc

Beyond the EVDNT an apparel and accessory line, crafted in Abc’s factory, seamlessly extends the fire opal design narrative. Swarovski rivets, fire opal graphics and special multilayered holographic patches are design highlights that harmoniously echo the shoe’s opulent theme. The earth-toned apparel, versatile in its aesthetics, is embellished with references to the opal, making each piece a statement in itself.

This collaboration between Vans and Advisory Board Crystals is not just a tribute to counterculture and creativity, but a masterclass in design innovation. It’s where meticulous attention to detail, rich artistic influence, and product functionality converge to create a collection that’s as much art as it is attire. The EVDNT Vans are a limited release available via raffle today. Join their mailing list to find out how to enter. The apparel and accessory collection drops at Advisory Board Crystals on 17 August 2023 at 10:30am EST.

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