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For better or worse, the Lincoln Road Mall on South Miami Beach is quite reminiscent of New York's 7th Avenue in the West Village. One shop however, Base, stands out from the rest by offering an exceptionally curated suite of both products and services. Owner Steven Giles says "we're less about labels and more about the ongoing (and less easily defined) culture of the store, but amongst the labels we’re most proud to be associated with would definitely include Isabella Capetto, Nice Collective, Lemar and Dauley, Maharishi, Martin Margiela and Comme Des Garcons."

But it's not just about clothing and accessories, there's a service slant at Base. An in-house salon, Snip, and a CD Bar offer visitors style and satisfaction on a more soulful level. And the folks at Base have also been known to publish music, design resort uniforms and produce events.

Information about the store and several items for sale can be found on their site,

939 Lincoln Road
South Beach
Miami, FL 33139
305 531 4982
Sun thru Fri 11AM – 10PM
Sat 11AM – 11pm

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Base 1

Base 2

Base 3

Base 4

Base 5

Base 6


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