Beatrice Valenzuela Handmade Shoes


Designer Beatrice Valenzuela first began her love affair with fine footwear in Mexico City, where she met a zapatero (shoemaker) and discovered his shoes handmade with love, dedication and attention to detail. When she moved to L.A. seven years ago, Valenzuela got the idea to start making shoes after finding a plethora of stilettos and a famine of finely crafted and comfortable shoes.


Today, that same shoemaker in Mexico City creates Valenzuela's line of shoes that are "comfortable enough for my grandmother to wear but still fashionable and fabulous." The modest collection includes a lace-up sandal, moccasin booties and a peek-a-boo shoe made with interlaced leather cord. Each piece exemplifies the company's aim to create "simple handmade shoes."


Says Valenzuela, "We are not trying to reinvent shoe wear. We are just trying to bring a beautiful hand crafted shoe that would make you feel closer to the ground."

via Scout Holiday

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