Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons x BBlessing Limited-Edition Necklaces


For jewelry designer Derek Cruz, of Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, vintage ivory piano keys proved the perfect canvas for his latest collection: a limited-edition line of necklaces made exclusively for BBlessing in New York. The collection is creating quite a buzz—there are 15 necklaces in total; five different designs, three of each design. The five intricately sketched designs tell the story of a young, lonesome girl and the friendship she develops with, well, bees. Each piece comes wrapped in a beautiful handmade linden wood "book box" made in the Carpathian mountains, with wood joints only, no nails or glue. So head on over to BBlessing to see how the story plays out, but hurry if you want to be a member of this exclusive 15-member group of talism owners.

By Natalia Rachlin