East meets Wests meets rope in designer Rodrigo Almeida's new foray into jewelry

Caligrafia-2.jpg Caligrafia-3_Closeup.jpg

Already known for colorful furniture and art pieces reflecting his homeland’s diverse culture, Brazilian industrial designer Rodrigo Almeida recently designed his first jewelry collection called “Caligrafia” for São Paulo jewelry shop Aria Joalheiros. The collection, consisting of seven one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces, explores the theme “East meets West,” as interpreted through a visual exploration of language.

Drawing on the calligraphy and brushstrokes of written Eastern languages, Almeida sets actual brushes against Western references, such as Latin letters. Although some of the references to language are abstract, all of them address the constant evolution of language. “They have the same meaning but are expressed in different ways,” said Kim. “It’s almost as if they had been written by the same designer on different days, under different moods. The letter/caligraphy changes daily.”

Caligrafia-1.jpg Caligrafia-4.jpg

While the linguistic symbolism (inspired by Aria Joalheiros owner Leo Kim’s Korean-Brazilian heritage) is the focus, the designer’s aesthetic remains at the forefront.Yellow and red cords, a familiar theme in Almeida’s furniture design, lend a modern sporty feel—a look recently popularized by Proenza Schouler’s bracelets and necklaces that incorporate climbing rope.


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