Alex Palma Jewelry


To call jewelry designer Alex Palma prolific seems like an understatement when you take a look at his Fotolog, which he updates almost regularly with the most current of his work. Every day it's a different piece, an exhibit of sophisticated artistry concocted from a jumble of materials that he says comes together to imitate the perfect harmony of color, shapes and proportions found in earth’s process of creating nature.

Palma's accessories take on their curves and geometric shapes via wood, metal, ceramic and resin, but they oftentimes utilize cement, fabric, ceramic and more—nothing is an exception in the Brazilian's collection. His method is intricate: for his resin pieces, he always first makes a prototype from wood before making a mold and setting the real piece. Before the resin sets, though, his trademark is to add disparate materials to the mixture, such as fabric, organic material (like flowers), and lace.

Alex Palma's collection can be found at Casa Mauro Freire in São Paulo.