Le Blob Jewelry


Formless most accurately describes the new Le Blob jewelry line by São Paulo's Fernando Akasaka, which recentlydebuted with a collection of an ambitious 200 pieces.

Akasaka, if you recognize the name, produces furniture and other conceptual pieces under his F. Akasaka Design brand. After earlier this year sharing with me his desire to realize his ideas in metal on a smaller scale, it's apparent that the versatile designer has fully given into the jewelry design itch.


The rings, pendants and earrings of Le Blob boast high-quality metals—18K gold and sterling 95% silver)— that take on a variety of shapes, from elongated blobs to blobs pierced all over with holes. A few recognizable shapes too, like claw and bone rings, still feel organic and fierce-looking like their abstract counterparts. Akasaka describes his pieces as "exciting, provocative" and "wild," an aesthetic that's so peculiar and visually interesting that they immediately work as easy conversation ice-breakers.


Until retailers start carrying Le Blob, email leblob [at] leblob [dot] com for more information.

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