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Carson Potter Fall Collection


If you found yourself flipping through Elle this month while waiting in line at the grocery store or while doing some other mundane task, you may have come across the small feature on Carson Potter. Sariah Carson and Jaylin Potter (Parsons survivors by the way) are based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their work plays beatifully against the silhouette with exquisite attention to detail. While evocative of classic sentiments of femininity, it drops the puritan sense of modesty with its rich decadent textures. Carson Potter's fall collection will be available by mid September in a few select stores; Barneys Japan, Creature of Comforts (LA), Bark (NYC), Bird (NYC), and DV (LES) – the official site is a bit lacking, so I dug up this article about it on Refinery 29 from back in January. (~_^)