CH Zambia: Vintage Shoe Company Safari Boots

We modified the classic tank boot to create a design perfectly suited to walking in the bush


For our first Cool Hunting Edition travel experience we brought 24 friends and readers on safari in Zambia. Over the course of eight days CH Zambia guests experienced the wonders and wildlife of Africa with a few surprises from our brand partners. More stories and videos here.


One of the reasons we chose to work with The Bushcamp Company was because they offered walking safaris. It’s imperative to have great boots to support your feet and ankles when you’re out on walks looking at the amazing wildlife, plants and scenery in the hot, dry, and dusty climate. The Vintage Shoe Company was up for the challenge. Based off of the classic American tank boot design, the CH Edition features contrasting leather straps, a rubber sole and durable suede. We based our boot on a stock military desert tank boot—the same ones that the U.S. Army uses—but added a bit of style by replacing some of the suede with distressed leather. We did get a few stares at the airport with all of our matching boots, but they performed beautifully and allowed us to trek in style.