Chloë Sevigny Book

Defying time and gender stereotypes, the downtown NYC style icon has just released a tome full of her best looks


The term “It Girl” tends to be overused and is borderline meaningless at times, but when you’re talking about Chloë Sevigny, it’s an ideal descriptor. In her self-titled photo book—published by Rizzoli and boasting a foreword by Kim Gordon—Sevigny’s eclectic and truly personal style is explored, from her days as a teenager interning for Sassy to being the face of Miu Miu.


From her shaved head and overalls to grown-up Lolita looks, Sevigny’s style is impossible to pin down: she bounces from androgynous to ultra-feminine, grungy to glamorous—defying time, gender and stereotypes. More impressive still: she does so effortlessly.


We’ve chosen a few of our favorite spreads from the new book “Chloë Sevigny,” which is available now for pre-order at Amazon.

Images by Cool Hunting