Christopher Raeburn Packaway Backpack

Made from recycled polyester, this rucksack is both practical and sleek


With his ultra-slick style and ethical use of surplus military fabrics, British designer Christopher Raeburn has earned quite the cult following, ourselves included. Thanks to his penchant for experimenting with materials, the colder seasons are often the best times to peruse Raeburn’s novel designs. And, in time for resort season, the designer has introduced a packaway backback, sized perfectly for a long weekend away.


Like with most of his collection, Raeburn employs recycled material—polyester in this case—to create a bag that is both practical and sleek. The backpack can also fold neatly into an internal pouch, making the bag a fashionable alternative to the reusable shopper. And with quilted padding and adjustable straps, the bag performs much like a traditional rucksack, only with the bonus of disappearing when not in use.

The packaway backpack ($250) is available at Mr Porter, with same-day delivery available in select cities.

Images courtesy of Mr Porter