Christopher Raeburn Fall/Winter 2012

The eccentric British designer finds inspiration in opposing themes for his latest collections


British designer Christopher Raeburn‘s Autumn Winter 2012 collection looks to the future to present utilitarian pieces with a sharp sense of style. Raeburn presents two distinct lines for men and women, “Scorch” and “Freeze,” adventurous collections focused on opposing materials and themes.


For the “Scorch” collection, Raeburn incorporates the fireproof textile Nomex into each piece. Reminiscent of the swishy track suits popular in the ’90s, the reflective material is both lightweight and surprisingly adaptive. Included in the line are various fire and waterproof parkas, pants, vests and even some small accessories, all hand-sewn. Raeburn does take his foot off the conceptual pedal with a more practically wearable suit jacket produced from dead stock Nomex.

Conversely, the women’s “Freeze” collection finds inspiration in the dark days of winter. Designed with form and function in mind, much of the collection reminds us of a cross between Starship Troopers and what you’d expect to see trotting around Tokyo, in a good way. Made with West Yorkshire wools to support the British textile industry, the muted fabrics occasionally find themselves highlighted against momentary splashes of bright and bold colors in pleasant juxtaposition.


Purposely eccentric at its core, Raeburn’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection seems to grow on us with time, becoming more relevant and wearable with more thought. For more information on the collections see Christopher Reaburn online.