Collection E from Hærfest

Light and space in an accessory collection inspired by DeWain Valentine

For their latest collection, Hærfest takes inspiration from DeWain Valentine and the Light and Space Art Movement of the 1960s. Marked by geometry, minimalism and the use of materials like glass, neon and fluorescent lights, the movement redefined how space was treated in contemporary art. In the accessories collection, a similar fondness for material experimentation and shape as been employed with an emphasis on reflectivity and form.

Hærfest founders and brothers Tim and Daniel Joo work with what they call a “reductive aesthetic.” In “Collection E,” their signature minimalist architecture is dressed up in gold leather, dense canvas and translucent ghost PVC panels. We really like the contrast of style and material, and are certain that—as with anything Haerfest produces—the materials and craftsmanship are top notch.

Collection E is available for pre-order from Hærfest online through 31 March 2013. The full line includes an overnight duffel, shell backpack, two handle clutch, book sleeve and card sleeve.

Images courtesy of Hærfest