Cuvée Beauty

Hair care inspired by champagne

Bathing in champagne might sound like the stuff of movies, but Cuvée Beauty founder Rachel Katzman found her hair thoroughly soaked after a particularly wild birthday weekend—and didn’t mind the results at all. The texture and tousled look of her hair actually worked. Using that as her jumping-off point, Katzman started her company focusing on luxurious haircare products that perform and aren’t afraid to get experimental with unusual ingredients.

The brand’s proprietary Cuvée Complex ($45) is a unique elixir which utilizes everything from champagne grape seed extract to pea protein and caramel. The result is a thick cream hair treatment that can be used weekly as an intensive hair treatment that really feels like it’s nourishing your hair. It smells delicious—and the silky feeling and fragrance didn’t wash away down the drain. Another standout, the Protective Treatment ($45) serum smells a little tropical and promises to shield your hair from heat and sunshine. While it seems to function like a styling spray, it’s worth noting that this should be used sparingly—even if you’re tempted to keep spraying—as overuse can result in sticky, strangely textured hair. This spray boasts being humidity resistant and in the height of NYC’s muggy summer weather, we were pleasantly surprised to find our hair putting up a good fight despite the extreme elements.

Browse Cuvée’s other products online, where prices start at $35.

Images courtesy of Cuvée