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Diehl Breakers

Over-the-top custom shades at a nice price

ToughBreaker1.jpg ToughBreaker2.jpg

From one of NYC’s hardest-working designers House of Diehl, this new line of one-off sunglasses mixes high camp with one-of-a-kind appeal at a price point that means you can still indulge in your Rick Owens obsession too. The Wayfarer styles are studded, chained, grommeted, dipped, painted—anything but basic. “Your accessories should always be the loudest thing about you. Isabella Blow once told me that,” says Roman Milisic, who co-founded Diehl with his wife, Mary Jo Diehl.

SunsetBreaker1.jpg CandyPaneBreaker1.jpg

Starting at a wallet-friendly price of $50 a pair, “Our breakers are special enough to be treasured, but cheap enough to ‘break,'” explains Milisic. “Well, that always happens to my sunglasses.”

The upcoming collection will feature a limited-run of shades with hand-drawn artwork. To purchase, visit their site.