Diesel Fuel For Life Denim Collection Shoot

Our exclusive behind-the-scenes visit to the set of Diesel's newest fragrance campaign

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We recently visited a New York City set where we met the models, creative team and crew behind the campaign for the launch of Diesel’s newest fragrance line, Fuel For Life Denim Collection.

Conceived by the acclaimed director Melina Matsoukas, the fast-paced, sexy videos feature models Marloes Horst and Marlon Texeira, who also appear in the print campaign shot by Terry Richardson. The campaign was created by Bruno Collin, Diesel’s Artistic Director, and Steeve Hagege, Diesel Fragrance’s General Manager, and Paris-based ad agency Fred & Farid


You’ll see many versions of the campaign, but we’ve got an exclusive 60 second cut of it here:

The companion scents (one for men and one for women) are fresh and fun, and play off of denim’s youthful, free-spirited history. We asked Annick Menardo of Firmenich, who created the scents, to tell us a bit more about her inspiration.

Cool Hunting: Diesel is such an active, youthful and en energetic brand. How do you translate that into a signature fragrance style?
Annick Menardo: When we create a perfume for Diesel we try to keep and transmit the values of youth and energy which are really important for the brand. In order to transmit this energy, we use citrus notes like grapefruit, lemon and mandarin orange. To give a trendy and youthful touch we work with new and innovative ingredients. We have access to new raw materials which we didn’t have in the past. All these ingredients allow us to express and to create innovative fragrances in a different way—this is important for young consumers who are looking for some new experiences.

CH: How is the Fuel for life Denim Collection similar to the other Diesel fragrances? How is it different?
AM: The Fuel for Life Denim Collection is fresher and more luminous on top, though it keeps the modern and sensual character of the Fuel For Life Classic. The new Denim Collection naturally fits in the Diesel perfumes range. It respects the values of modernity, youth and sexiness that are so important to (and characteristic of) the brand.

CH: How are the mens and womens versions similar and different?
AM: They keep the sensual and enveloping signature of Fuel For Life and add a fresher and more sparkling top note. The women’s fragrance features blackcurrant notes, and the men’s lemon notes. The common note between the two fragrances is raspberry. It brings the fresh and sparkling side in the women’s and the sensual and captivating aspects in the men’s versions.

CH: What does creating a fragrance for Diesel allow you to do that other brands don’t?
AM: The modern universe of Diesel, which is very rich and colorful, offers us a wider freedom than most other brands, and that is the greatest luxury for a perfumer; it allows us to work the fragrances in multiple ways and thus to bring something new and innovative.

The flask-shaped bottles are wrapped in Diesel denim. Stonewashed for guys, and a light denim for girls.


You can learn more at the Diesel Fuel For Life site, see more videos on YouTube or become a fan on Facebook. The fragrances launch in May 2011 in Italy, the rest of Europe in June 2011, and will be available exclusively in Diesel stores in the USA.