Doshi Levien x John Lobb: Apprentice Shoes


In collaboration with the classic British shoe maker John Lobb Ltd, London-based design duo Doshi Levien came up with this beautiful new range of shoes. Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, with support from the British Arts Council, undertook an apprenticeship at the Lobb workshop to learn the traditional method of hand-making shoes. The result is a stunning collection appropriately entitled "Apprentice."

We love the traditional lines and materials combined with a twist of contemporary style. As you would expect from this level of craftsmanship, the detailing is wonderful. Doshi Levien (who also created the beautiful Mosaic Range for Tefal) decribe their shoes as demonstrating, "The creative possibilities resulting from the partnership between design and expert making. This is our aim as a studio, to work with the best makers in the world."


"Based in the city of London, we are surrounded by small jewel-like shops, ateliers, specialist makers and artisans who epitomize fine manufacturing. The trades vary from shoe making, to clothing, saddlery and gentlemen's umbrellas. The trades people draw upon a reservoir of knowledge learned through practice and experience and passed on through generations. When you visit one of these ateliers you witness an expertise that encompasses engineering, material technology and fine craftsmanship with an acute understanding of the human anatomy…We wanted to create a range of shoes that can only be made by John Lobb, a collection that can only be made by hand."

Doshi, who hails from India and the British Jonathan Levien are particularly motivated by their individual cultural heritages and the contrasts that their relationship brings together. Doshi's connection to beautiful craftsmanship and reverence of everyday objects is matched by Levien's European industrial design background. Together they create products which are full of symbolic meaning and practical functionality.

The shoes are available exclusively through John Lobb starting at around £2,000 per pair.

via Dezeen