Funk Off Bag


by Passa Chattra

The guys at Warrior teamed up with Pollen Design in NYC to come up with the ultimate solution for Hockey and Lacrosse players. The Warrior Black Hole "Funk Off" Fan Bag features a mesh opening on one end and a a die-cast industrial (and removable) exhaust fan that draws out the moist, sweaty air inside the bag, drying used equipment in just a few hours. For those who don't know, Warrior is like the Burton of the Hockey/ Lacrosse world.


The protective gear of a Hockey or Lacrosse player is difficult to wash due to its size and materials, therefore it rarely gets cleaned. Typically a player would air out their 30-40 lbs of wet, sweaty equipment in a spare bedroom or garage. But after a long, exhausting game, many players are too tired to properly air out the gear. The zipped-up bag breeds bacteria, mold, fungus etc. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) actually issued a warning that advises proper care of sports equipment to prevent health risks. If you've ever had to live with, or just walk past one of these equipment bags, you know that the odor could burn the hairs right out of your nose.

Made of ballistic nylon, the bag will survive the battering of the hockey/lacrosse lifestyle. "Funk Off" Lacrosse version was introduced earlier this month, the hockey version will be available in January. As the folks at Warrior put it, "This bag blows." Available for $108 at Lacrosse.