Gillette’s Gentlemen’s Guide to Effortlessness

Style tips for easy mornings that lead to great looking days

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Oftentimes, it’s unfortunate that style decisions have to be made in the morning. For some, there’s a sense of haste, while others aren’t ready to commit to strong options before having their morning coffee. Because of this, style can be sacrificed for the sake of speed or want for nothing more than comfortability. The best way to combat this—aside from trying to select your look the night before—is to plan for this kind of morning at the time of purchase with a few simple tips. There are a lot of brands and products out there that allow for effortless style while maintaining comfortability, and that leads to confidence in decision-making and presentation. The following suggestions make for reliable grabs without too much thought. Effortlessness and ease are important, but so is quality.

Gillette Shave Club

Beginning the day with products from the Gillette Shave Club saves time and delivers on effortless grooming. Gillette delivers blades straight to your door with regularity—which means you have more chances to sleep in. There are three different plan options; each focused around one of Gillette’s signature blades. The Classic Plan, based on their Mach 3 Turbo, costs $17 and includes five cartridges. Gillette’s best shave, the Fusion ProGlide, delivers a month’s worth of shaves per cartridge, so it’s also light on the wallet. And with membership, surprise perks also abound. The rest of this guide is for once the all-important shaving process is complete—because you’re not fooling anybody if you’re not fresh-faced.

Comfortable pants that stay crisp

For those who can’t wear denim to work, dress pants do not have to be uncomfortable. In fact, a lot of brands have developed everything from “No Sweat” pants that feel like sweatpants but look like a modern dress pant to utility chinos that allow for active use while looking great. In taking comfort cues from streetwear and active wear, dress pants are changing for the better. There’s also office-appropriate denim out there that doesn’t look noticeably different to dress pants.

Add a sport coat or suit jacket

To punch up any outfit at anytime of year, adding a sport coat or suit jacket lends a classy edge—and can also compensate for days when one doesn’t want to wear a collared shirt. This is as easy as donning the jacket that accompanies one of your suits, but having more options allows for diversity. There’s nothing like a gray, navy or black staple from brands like JackThreads, Sandro or Ben Sherman. But for Fridays and the weekends, something like Topman’s Skinny Fit Light Blue Jersey Blazer or Etro’s Trim Fit Palm Jacquard Sport Coat are fun, but still sharp.

The dress shoe/sneaker hybrid

Dress shoes need not be stiff and painful, and owning any of the array of dress shoe/sneaker hybrids makes committing to a pair of stylish footwear in the morning much easier. Cole Haan‘s made this notion famous with their LunarGrand and ZerøGrand shoe collections, but they’re just one of many brands. Paul Smith has their own series of dressy sport options. As do Common Projects and even Adidas.

Accessorize with intelligence

It’s better to carry a bag than let your pockets bulge. This doesn’t mean a school boy backpack or slouchy tote. (We’ve also moved beyond the world of paper boy-style messenger bags.) There are numerous options, including TRAVELTEQ‘s refined leather briefcases and Killspencer’s multipurpose Mil Duffle. Carrying a bag means keeping your outfit uncluttered, and a dynamic bag in solid colors or composed of leather can go with just about anything.

To make your morning routine easier each day, why not join the Gillette Shave Club and match effortlessness and comfort with style.

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