JackThreads First-Ever Namesake Collection

Over 30 new products for fall from the online retailer, including knits, outerwear, denim and suits

It’s safe to say that some online retailers have a firm understanding of consumer desire. They’re buying products, tracking sales and tweaking their stock. Insight is paramount. With this in mind, we scoped out JackThread’s new namesake line—their product design debut complete with over 30 pieces for fall. JackThreads began as a flash sale site back in 2008 and has continued to evolve since. Their inaugural namesake line—made up of well-priced jackets, pants and shirts—impresses with its casual but crisp designs utilizing denim, cashmere and more. The core concept behind the collection is ease and, from their price points to the focus on well-made essentials, it’s easy to dress well at a reasonable cost.

There are more than a handful of collection standouts. The down products are plentiful, but The Fishtail Parka—composed of 100% Staywax Cotton—matches functionality with design in a sleek, slender way. From twill joggers to a classic Block Flannel Shirt, there’s a wide array of every day items that make for great staple pieces. And they’ve even launched a slim-fitting suit that sells for less than $300. For those still skeptical about buying online, JackThreads is also hosting a NYC-based pop-up shop, called “The Spring” from 29 October through 12 November 2015, aimed at delivering their online experience in person—with an immersive touch. There will also be an array of programming, all hosted on site at 43 Crosby St and open to the public.

Explore the debut JackThread’s collection online.

Images courtesy of Jack Threads