Alternative to Everything

Relive the glory of grunge with Keds' limited-edition sneaks channelling the '90s


Of the ’90s artifacts, “Parental Advisory” labels, Riot grrrls, the Internet and Napster, personal technology like the iMac and Palm Pilot, Donna Martin marrying David Silver in Malibu and O.J. Simpson driving his white Bronco up the 405 stand out. But the cultural backdrop to this prolific decade was a grunge-fueled rock scene, which created both songs to headbang to and iconic fashions like the flannel shirt.

To commemorate, Keds Century Collection created the “Alternative to Everything” limited edition sneakers in light and dark denim lace-ups and plaid slip-ons (women only). The classic rubber soled shoes sell online exclusively from Keds Original Sneaker for $55 for the mens “Champion Grunge” and $45 for the womens “Champion Riff.”