Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care

Time-testing the world's first human non-embryonic stem cell beauty line


As the first company to incorporate human, non-embryonic stem cells as part of a beauty regimen, Lifeline set our expectations understandably high. The hopes were matched with skepticism—morning news show appearances and bold claims don’t necessarily mean performance. Also, our typical routine tends to fall more on the side of Australian paperbark oil and organic plant material than unfertilized eggs, so let’s just say the experiment was a bit of a departure.

Happily, after a month of testing I can affirm that the company’s Eye Firming Complex made major strides in reducing dark circles and lines, and in doing so has changed my attitude toward the notion of a stem cell-based solution.

The concoction specifically targets skin brightness, elasticity and hydration for overall improvement. Traditional ingredients like hydrators, proteins, vitamin C and caffeine make up the formula along with the main active ingredient, HSC-X (human stem cell extract). The HSC-X is sourced from unfertilized eggs and works to promote collagen and elastin production for firmer and smoother skin. Adding credibility to the line is the International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO), the California-based biotechnology parent company that first developed parthenogenetic stem cells.

The twice-daily moisturizer also proved effective, though the difference was definitely more pronounced with the eye cream. Head over to Lifeline’s website to see the offerings and learn more.