Loiste II


"The idea was to make something simple and a bit brutal, but beautiful…like life in Finland.â€â€”Stepan Sarpaneva (QP magazine interview).

Originally inspired by a Harley Davidson kickstart pinion, Sarpaneva's Loiste II made from Stavax ESR steel is actually a cog itself. The first variation was built as a pocket watch, followed by the Loiste and now the Loiste II. Customizing functions like the foreboding looking double black moonphase complication, it measures both northern and southern hemispheres and the display can be used to represent the physical moon on top (12 o'clock) or by its shadow on the bottom (6 o'clock). The other ingenious feature is his own 'Turbini' winding mass, an optional turbine style rotor that spins with guillotine efficiency while revealing the movement. The metallic icing of this ticking cake is the intricately machined three-dimensional dial in brass or aluminum. Go here for more info and pictures.