True Botanicals’ Non-Toxic Skincare

How the made-in-California brand goes one step further in proving results

Out of the seemingly infinite number of natural skincare brands these days, most go over the top to painstakingly list every single ingredient used and how they’re sourced, but few have anything to say about proven results. California-made True Botanicals sets the bar a little higher: it’s not only the first skincare company to have its entire line MADE SAFE certified (where products are evaluated by third-party scientists, rather than self-reported), but it’s invested in independent clinical studies to show how its line performs versus other brands. And the news is pretty potent.

“Through my years working in this industry I have learned that consumers don’t really expect results from non-toxic products, and they are quite shocked when they get them,” founder Hillary Peterson tells CH. Adds CEO Christina Mace-Turner, “Our goal is to create really excellent non-toxic products that actually work.”

If you don’t know where to start, True Botanicals has a painless eight-question quiz for what products might work best for your skin and hair type. And if you’re already well-aware of what you need, you still might want to tweak a few things as the seasons transition and skin freaks out in response. “As we move into fall, balancing the skin and optimizing barrier function makes a big difference,” says Peterson. To tackle post-summer hyper-pigmentation, she recommends combining a serum with their new Antioxidant Booster powder, which is made from apple peel. She also suggests exfoliating once a week with the Resurfacing Moisture Mask, which “clears away built up wax, dirt and grime so that our nutrient-rich face oils can absorb to the lipid barrier where they are most needed to balance and restore skin from deep within.” Most importantly, however, is the resist the urge to over-exfoliate. “Over-exfoliation can have disastrous consequences, leading to compromised barrier function, skin dryness and acne or rosacea,” she says. “Exfoliation feels so great because it leaves our skin soft and smooth. This can make us to wonder, ‘If a little is good, maybe I should do it more,’ but don’t do it! I have spoken to so many estheticians who can immediately identify an over-exfoliator because their skin is so clearly out of balance.”

Though True Botanicals originally started out online-only, they’ve been slowly branching out into retail spaces, like Barney’s.

Images courtesy of True Botanicals