Moop Handmade Bags


Some things are always in style and a simple, high-quality bag makes that list. Moop is just this kind of sturdy bag, without any ostentatious designs or branding. The small company is the brainchild of Wendy Downs, who makes the line of original designs with a small team in an Easthampton, Massachusetts factory. Cut and sewn by hand, each bag requires hours of construction for a bag with an understated interior that hides a lot of functionality and toughness.

The bags use a sturdy-yet-soft corded canvas with a lining that makes it virtually waterproof. They offers six different styles, from the roomy Market bag (above left) to a traditional messenger (right). They also make a bookbag for kids and a slew of smaller accessories.

Bags range from $75 to $130 and—due to the personal attention shown to each one—takes about two weeks to ship. Find out more at the Moop website.