POMS New GEMM Collection

The latest line draws inspiration from travel, nature and Fragglerock

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Melbourne, Australia-based designer Adriana Giuffrida founded her playful and striking label POMS back in 2011, and while many of her designs remain true to the fluffy creations, her latest collection—GEMM*—explores new territory. The new range contrasts sweet pastels and semi-precious stones with robust metals and stronger shades, all the while perfectly blending a little tradition with ’80s and ’90s nostalgia and modern-day style.

Giuffrida (who previously designed for Something Else by Natalie Wood, and P.A.M.) is constantly influenced by natural beauty and her travels, and she spoke with CH about her process and new inspirations.

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Travel and nature are givens now, but what else shaped this new collection and the direction you wanted to take it?

This collection was really inspired by the metaphysical nature of crystals. I’m so in awe of how they grow from the earth and I really wanted to celebrate them. I’ve just had a baby, so chose Rose Quartz and Amethyst as the main inspirations for the collection, as Rose Quartz is a love stone and Amethyst is a clarity stone. And I definitely connect with those feelings right now.

Does it feel like a natural progression for POMS? The phenomena earrings seem like a more sophisticated and sleek version of the orbit earrings, for example.

I am always trying to move the brand forward and give people something to look forward to seeing each time a range comes out. I like that the earrings are evolving so that fans of the brand can collect the different incarnations as they go as well. I’m always trying to come up with new ways to showcase the pom pom, and I think it is happening quite naturally.

Are you using or thinking about semi-precious stones and your other materials differently now?

I’m always using semi-precious stones, I have been fascinated with them since I was a kid. Each season I like to celebrate different stones, and I find some that reflect what I’m feeling at the time. I think now that I’m more comfortable working with these mediums each season, I am always finding new ways to marry the color of stones and the metals in a pleasing way, which results in different outcomes each time.

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Did you plan ahead for the majority of the collection, or was there some trial and error?

There are definitely elements of both. I do make an initial plan, and then as the sampling process goes on, I may run into some technical problems that need resolving and some things must just have to be shelved for another time, and therefore new ideas are forged. It’s the exciting part of a new collection. I like the problem-solving.

Was there an overall message or tone that you had planned for GEMM*?

It’s interesting how you think of a concept and idea, and then other people can see things completely differently. However with this collection, when people saw it, they really connected to the vibe quite well. I’m quite nostalgic with my references, and I think that always comes across in my work. This collection ended up being a kind of Fragglerock-meets-semi-precious-stones journey.

The GEMM* collection is currently available online, with prices starting at $70. Images courtesy of POMS