Pared + POMS Sunglasses

The two Australian brands team up to create playful frames inspired by the colors and patterns of Turkey


Australian labels POMS and Pared recently teamed up to release their very first collaboration—two styles of sunglasses inspired by the vibrant colors and patterns of Turkey. The brains behind the two brands—Sam Stevenson of eyewear label Pared and Adriana Guiffrida of jewelry label POMS—previously worked together at Bleach Group (the Australian company responsible for Ksubi and Insight) before each stepped out to create their own label a few years ago.

Guiffrida says the decision to work together again happened naturally: “The collaboration came about after a very relaxed dinner when Sam was visiting from Bali. It was not really an intention to work with former workmates, but it’s so nice when you know someone so well in a different context and then you can work together down the track—and have so much fun on your own terms.”

POMSPARED-Halva-3.jpg POMSPARED-TurkishDelight-3.jpg

The “Halva” and the “Turkish Delight” eyewear designs were inspired by Guiffrida and Stevenson “trying to marry the frames to the BAZAAR collection that I had done, which was inspired by a trip I took to Turkey last year,” says Guiffrida. “Funnily enough Sam’s next collection is inspired by Turkey, so we must both be drawn to the culture inadvertently!” The pair worked closely together, though they were physically very far apart. “It worked really well considering I am in Melbourne and Sam is in Bali, we had a few Skype meetings, and some emails back and forth, and it all came together. The difference with this process, for me, was that I have no idea about sunglasses, so even though I threw Sam some ideas, she really did the bulk of it, and then we nutted out the finer details together. It was really nice to be able to fully trust someone with their advice in the process, and both of us couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

The two talents are looking forward to a super-exciting year, perhaps even with another collaboration to come. Guiffrida hints, “POMS is planning so much for 2014, expanding into more product types, and possible more sunnies with Pared—that would be fun.”

Both designs and all colorways are available from POMS or Pared online, and in selected stockists across Australia and around the world for $250.

Images courtesy of Pared + POMS