Ridley and Dowse

Design duo brings elegance and responsibility to etched jewelry


Jewelry and accessories designer Vivienne Ridley and print designer Susannah Dowse teamed up on Ridley and Dowse and in just three years have collaborated with the likes of Topman, Boxfresh, Harrods, Ted Baker and the enigmatic Wayne Hemingway. The design duo has made a deliberate effort to keep operations in the U.K. under an unwavering commitment to low-impact production and social consciousness. Dowse explains, “We’re very concerned with creating beautiful things with as little cost to human rights and the environment as possible.”

Ridley_Dowse2.jpg Ridley_Dowse4.jpg

Recently, the designers have taken an industrial approach to their jewelry with a new line of etched pieces in steel and brass—hard metals that allow for sharper detail than something more malleable. Besides jewelry, the young brand’s repertoire encompasses paper goods, home and holiday decorations and more. The duo also recently styled a new room at the Pelirocco Hotel in Brighton, England, a self-professed “saucy stopover” for which Ridley and Douse applied varied skills to a grander canvas.


As the designers continues to flex their creative muscle into new design categories—their website indicates handbags are in the works—we can only anticipate more thrilling collaborations and crossover projects to come. Their current stock of etched accessories is available through the Ridley and Dowse e-shop.