Katherine Sturgis Jewelry


by Laura Neilson

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Before striking out on her own, the 28-year-old designer cut her teeth working in various avenues of corporate fashion. At first, making the occasional piece of jewelry was simply a pastime but as demand grew for her trademark friendship bracelets, Sturgis decided to weave her self-taught hobby into a full-fledged pursuit.


Each piece is handcrafted by Sturgis herself, yet despite the precious artisanship that goes into each item, she maintains that her jewelry is meant to be worn and worn often. "I wanted the mix of all the different materials to make these pieces very adaptable to just about any occasion," she says. The final paradox is that it's everyday jewelry that couldn't be further from mundane.

Visit her site to see the collection and order by emailing her (studio [at] katherinesturgis [dot] com).