Ross Lovegrove x Globetrotter: onehundred&ten


To celebrate their 110th anniversary, high-end luggage maker Globetrotter collaborated with one of the world's most futuristic designers to create a contemporary classic that could see the company through its next 110 years. Ross Lovegrove, the Welsh designer known for his fluid forms and experimentation with revolutionary materials, sought to create the world's most lightweight suitcase.

Carbon fiber was the obvious choice but the material doesn't stand up to the rigors of modern travel. Instead, Lovegrove (with the cooperation of the Toray Corporation and DuPont) created a new composite named 3X Fibre. An exclusive carbon fiber/Kevlar weave, 3X Fibre is a triple-axis weave that yields the world's lightest suitcase (1.35 kg for the carry-on) with a strength five times greater than steel on an equal weight basis.


Aptly named the onehundred&ten, the suitcase is currently limited to an initial product run of 1000 units in the Air Cabin version because of the global carbon shortage — Boeing has bought up all the supplies for its carbon fiber plane. For U.S. customers, the onehundred&ten can be purchased exclusively through Moss for a mere $3,525.