Salvor Kiosk


Salvor Kiosk is the new destination in New York to find Salvor's unique screenprinted tees and pillows. An online store launches today on the heels of the Soho store at 95 Spring Street that opened its doors yesterday. Located within Salvor designer and kiosk co-founder, Ross Menuez's studio, the retail space on one hand is what Menuez envisions as "a lab" to test out his more experimental work, and on the other, the retail space offers a selection of country-specific, often exclusive objects hand-picked by Menuez and the other two owners, a photographer and set designer. Featuring a new country every two to three months, the current inaugural collection features hard-to-find Japanese imports, like a dead stock cast iron tape dispenser ($48) and the elegant, multi-use bamboo steamer ($31) – both pictured, with more, after the jump.