Kiosk: Finland


Our friends at Kiosk have just introduced their fifth and latest collection, this time sourced from the far reaches of Finland. Like always, the Kiosk team traveled abroad to find the best everyday classics. The collection features a lot of bold retro designs and items worth it just for packaging that references both '60s graphics and Finnish folk patterns, like a simple carton of pink chalk.

We picked a few more standouts that will also expand your Finnish horizons beyond Saarinen, Aalto and Nokia.

The bold graphic design combining green and white to a striking effect makes this dart board into the best kind of decor—the kind that's a competitive pastime as well. The set (it includes red darts) is $48 from Kiosk.

Awarded to best friends as an annual tradition held in Finnish schools for over 50 years, this plaster "Boy 'Smiling' Head" is absurdly charming. According to Kiosk, winners are chosen for not just being a good friend but for being balanced as well. You can carry on the tradition yourself for $40.


We love any idea that makes a simple task that much simpler and these Red Stripe Staples are up to the task. Rather than picking at staples with your nails or trying to dig out a staple remover, the red stripe is a breaking point making for much easier removal. A pack of 2000 is $6 from Kiosk.

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