Mark Gonzales Paintings and Poems

Selected untitled works from skateboarding's favorite eccentric artist


Wielding pen, paint brush and skateboard, Mark Gonzales has been creating art in many forms for more than 20 years. Gonzales has graced each of his various disciplines with one of the most unique personalities around, gaining recognition within the skateboard community for his endless influence, free-flowing style and unconventional drawings captured on Krooked Skateboards. A presence in the fine art world since the early ’90s, Gonzales has exhibited across Europe, Asia and the Americas. He returns to NYC with his latest collection of untitled paintings and poems, opening at Franklin Parrasch Gallery today, 22 November 2011.

Mark-G-untitled-1.jpg Mark-G-untitled-2.jpg

This time around Gonzales has selected a group of work completed over the last year in New York and Paris, from poetry rendered in spray paint on mirrored acrylic surfaces to a series of small scale acrylic paintings on linen canvas. The collection explores notions of love, death and the spiritual occult, often shown through the free association between text and imagery that draws a direct parallel to Gonzales’ lifelong dedication to self published zines.

Mark-G-untitled-3.jpg Mark-G-untitled-4.jpg

Although those unfamiliar with his work may be skeptical of the quirky aesthetic, those who dismiss their conventionally critical eye and keep an open mind will discover its depth—an approach that applies to understanding the Gonz in general. His untitled paintings and poems will be on display at Franklin Parrasch Gallery from 22 November 2011 to 7 January 2012. To learn more about the extensive work behind the singular character check his gallery bio online.