Alfredo Gonzales

Neo-trad striped and argyle socks for skaters and professionals


Inspired by the pseudo-mythical life of a Mexican-American skater and sock factory worker, Alfredo Gonzales is a self-proclaimed “lifestyle sock brand” that bridges dress socks with streetwear style. Colorful stripe patterns and argyle are par for the course when it comes to Alfredo Gonzales’ stock, which offers mid-calf rises that can be dressed up or down.


We had the chance to see the 2013 line, a selection of five chromatic pairs that come in a box set for €45. The standout from the collection is definitely the flamingo-themed pair, whose spirit is summed up in Alfredo Gonzales’ item description: “The grass is green, the sky is blue, flamingoes are pink and your feet should be too. Flamingoes, where pink socks come from.” We weren’t too keen on the decorative button on each sock—since they’re actually knit into the sock they’re essentially impossible to remove without creating a small hole.

Check out all of Alfredo Gonzales’ offerings at the online shop.

Images by James Thorne